Apple will outsource production of the new Mac Pro in China

At WWDC 2019 was presented to the Mac Pro – the most powerful, and most expensive Apple computer ever. Since this product is aimed at professionals, the cost is absolutely justified given the modularity, unparalleled performance and unique design. Many thought that the new computer will be made in the United States, as it was with the other Mac Pro. But as it turned out, Apple has their plans in this regard.

Mac Pro

Starting in 2013, Apple collected their most expensive computers in the United States. For example, previous-generation Mac Pro was produced at the plant in Texas. Then for the Assembly workstation, answered the Flex.

C release of the Mac Pro (2019), Apple suddenly changed its mind and decided to move production workstation in China, despite trade tensions between the two countries.

The transfer of production

It is reported that the Assembly of the new Mac Pro will be part of the Quanta Computer factory in Shanghai. Apple chose this contractor is not accidental: the local staff receives a relatively small salary, and the plant itself is located in close proximity to other key Apple suppliers in Asia. Besides, it’s a long-standing partner of the company, which produces laptops and MacBook smart watch Apple Watch.

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If to collect himself, Mac Pro 2019, will be released in two times cheaper. We checked

Without a doubt — the production of the new Mac Pro in China will cost Apple much cheaper than his build in the United States. Savings, given the difference in wages in the US and China will be enormous.

Analysts believe that this step will not remain without attention. Given the high cost of the computer and its focus on the professional segment of Apple to preserve the reputation, could just take all the costs themselves. But this did not happen.

It is noteworthy that this topic has already managed to speak to an Apple representative.

Final Assembly is just one of the stages of production. The new Mac Pro was designed and developed in the United States. Some of the components used in the Assembly, are also produced in the United States.

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