Apple will provide a fix free computers MacBook with the keyboard Butterfly

Macbook Laptop Apple MacOS Sierra

A few years ago, the Apple using a new keyboard rely on a new mechanism on the computers of the MacBook called the company the name of the Butterfly. It was supposed to lead this new mechanism to make the writing experience smoother, but the user experience says the opposite. In fact, there have been many reports from users who claim that their consoles have been disrupted.

Ever been to Apple that has launched a program to fix computers are qualified, but according to a new report recently released from the location of The Loop, it appears that this reform programme has been extended since then to cover all laptops that use the keyboard Butterfly. Although Apple said that it had solved the problem of keyboard in computers MacBook Pro new, they will be also eligible to benefit from this reform agenda.

He says the reform program that fixes keyboard free even if you no longer MacBook your under warranty. From a bit disappointing to see that despite the passage of some years, the Apple didn’t do any simple move to make the keyboard work as required. Many users have expressed about the loss of their keyboard old that was in fact providing them with a unique experience while typing.

Ever claimed Apple that only a small percentage of users are experiencing problems with your keyboard, in case if you are one of those users, you can then take advantage of the offer of the Apple to fix the keyboard for free.


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