Apple will release an update to fix the problem of the speaker in the MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 2018

Released last week, reports from a number of users stating that some of the features of Version 16-inch of the MacBook Pro they hear strange sounds from the speakers. Fortunately, if you own this laptop and facing this problem, you’ll be happy to know that Apple has acknowledged this problem and will releasing an update to solve it.

This is in accordance with the memorandum of the indoor were sent to service providers of customer support in Apple has been obtained by the site MacRumors. According to the memorandum, it states : ” while use Find Cut Pro X or Logic Pro X or QuickTime Player, or Music or Movies or other apps to play audio, you may hear users music emits from the speakers after the operating. Apple is investigating this case. Was planning to include the fix in future updates. Do not set up service or a replacement computer user, it is a problem related to software “.

Before that, it was some users expect that this problem may be caused by applications such as Final Cut Pro, it seems that this internal memo confirms it partially. It is interesting that this is not in fact the first time that we hear about broadcast computers MacBook sounds intermittent.

Strange that Apple has been unable to solve the problem although it is not a new problem, but in any case, we hope that the update addresses the software in the future this problem.


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