Apple will reveal its financial results for the previous quarter, and record revenues amounted to $ 53.3 million

Apple Company

There were some who questioned the popularity of the iPhone, especially the latest models that are not cheap although they face stiff competition from Chinese phones, both in terms of the possibilities or the price note that there are many Chinese companies that make its phones high-end smart half the price of the iPhone X.

However, it seems that investors in Apple don’t need to worry because the financial results of the company in the second quarter of this year managed to negotiate the expectations of analysts at Wall Street after the company has reaped revenues of $ 53.3 million dollars. This huge sum of money, and also the biggest amount to get his Apple in any quarter of the second ( second quarter of the fiscal year for Apple ) at all.

According to Apple, has revealed to us that they managed to sell 41.3 million iPhone in the last quarter, and higher sales of 41.03 million units that the company sold in the same period last year. It was supposed to be the difference marginal at Best, it has helped the latest versions of the iPhone high price in increased revenue.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the sales of computers Mac, which is down by 13 percent compared with the same period last year. However, Apple has recently launched the iMac Pro, and upgrade of computers MacBook Pro, which supports up to 32GB of RAM, and with the possibility to upgrade the MacBook Air, computers iMac later this year, it is possible that sales of computers Mac in the coming quarters.

According to the President CEO of Apple, has stated by saying : ” We are delighted to announce the best performance in the third quarter ( second quarter of the year normal ) of the year at all, the fourth consecutive quarter that grow our revenue by double digits. Was our results in the third quarter, driven sales force and continuing for iPhone, services, and devices removable poncho, we are very excited about the products and services that continue to work on it currently “.

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