Apple will sell about government requests to remove apps from the store it


Published Apple transparency report semi-annual usual with a statement that they will begin to include the new number in future reports is the number of government requests to remove iOS apps from the App Store.

This new initiative did not see the Google App with the store Google Play, where you will tell us Apple TV how much attention the governments of the countries in the world to grant users access to specific applications are not suitable and development of of Apple removed from the App Store.

Of course the incident with the Apple TV is more important and the sensitivity being the app store the only way to download applications in a natural way, unlike Google, which users can download apps from outside.

In spite of the straight Apple, but they wouldn’t disclose the names of the applications that requested the government to delete it, it will be the number of requests and the number of cases deletion of course it may not respond to all requests.

On the other hand browsing transparency report, governments around the world requested information on the 29718 your iOS device in only six months and alternated the Apple with 79% of the requests and provided the necessary information.

That was the hardware, but also governments requested information on 3358 account Apple TV and plays the company with 82% of requests.

It is worth noting that this report covers the period of the second half of last year.

The Apple TV will look for requests from governments to remove apps from the store it appeared first on the tech world.

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