Apple will start to reduce the display size of iPhone in the year 2020. But why?

The reluctance of Apple to make compact the iPhone has a sufficiently solid Foundation. Thus the company has prepared the audience in the advent of their new services that consume the content of which is much more convenient on devices with a large screen. To them the Apple has high hopes, hoping that they will be able to compensate the income that could bring compact smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that Cupertino won’t change their opinions in the future.

As reported by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple did not refuse to produce a compact smartphone, but just decided to post at the time of the release of new models. According to him, the next iPhone, which will be possible with one hand, will be released in 2020 and will have a screen with a diagonal of only 5.4 inches.

iPhone 2020

Future new, despite its compact size, will treat the flagship model range will get the top hardware and support of networks of the fifth generation.

Interestingly, Kuo in his report mentions only three models of iPhone that will be released in 2020. He argues that next year’s models will have displays with a diagonal of 6.1, and 5.4 and 6.7 inches. In this case a 6.1-inch model will be a logical continuation of the iPhone sublamina XR, which will be slightly different from the “real” flagships. But a 5.4-inch iPhone will replace the 5.8-inch model, which now has two generations and known under the names iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Why Apple refuses iPhone X

Obviously, Apple wanted to abandon the standard model because of its low sales. Because, like it or not, but it uses substantially less demand than the iPhone XR and XS Max iPhonewhich today are considered to be bestsellers, surpassing in popularity even the original iPhone X.

Rather, the reduction in size is not much impact on the future price of the camera, although it is not excluded, but will be able to attract the attention of those who, until now, avoided the transition to the X-line. More compact and slightly more affordable smartphone has all the chances not to scare the users neither the size nor the price, nor the lack of functionality.

How justified this step it is difficult to say. As practice shows, for most iPhone users with larger screens have become the norm, ceasing to evoke nostalgia for the days when thumb could reach the top of the display. Therefore, a 5.4-inch iPhone is likely to be seen as an attempt by Apple to attract fans of the compact smartphones as an option to upgrade from older models, including iPhone 6, 6s and 7, which is still in Vogue and popular.

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