Apple will Updates new on iPad and iOS system 13 will bring Night Mode

آبل ستقوم بتحديثات جديدة على أجهزة آيباد ونظام iOS 13 سيجلب الوضع الليلي

You Apple TV and every year launch a new version of its systems and organs, while some with minor changes to the company sometimes a big change every now and then. It seems that the company will this year introduce a major change to the system running the new iOS 13 next to the other changes to the group iPad system CarPlay.

Website says Bloomberg famous that the iOS version 13 will bring Night Mode to the full launched by Apple last year on a system running other Mac Mojave which will work on CarPlay system vision and the night in general, as it will change the system didn’t do it seven years ago to talk about their size, as confirmed by the site MacRumors, but we have the patience to learn more about those changes.

For its part, Apple plans to add the 3D camera to its phones coming in 2020, you will get phones the end of the Year cameras with three lenses as an update for existing handsets. The company will also update the copy iPad and add some big advantages along the lines of what I did last year.

Since reports began to emerge to talk about what we would have in the iOS system 13, the more of them will be our next time to reveal the advantages of more before the official announcement.

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