Apple will use the dirt rare recycled in the new iPhones

The company said the Apple TV on Wednesday: the devices the iPhone new will be used elements of the rare earth are recycled in the major component.

The Apple TV they will use dust rarely recycled in (engine clicking) Taptic Engine, which is part of the iPhone allows it to mimic the clicks of physical buttons with that of the flat part of the glass. This part is used to a quarter of rare earth elements inside the iPhone.

Became rare earths, a group comprising 17 of the metal niche, a turning point in trade tensions between the United States and China. Items are used in weapons, consumer electronics, and other goods.

China dominates the processing of raw minerals, has indicated through the media controlled by the state, they can restrict sales of rare earths to the United States, as it did with Japan after a diplomatic dispute in 2010.

She (Lisa Jackson) – vice-president of Apple for the environment, politics and social initiatives: the use of Apple dust rare recycled “nothing to do” with tensions business, but it can help in maintain a steady supply.

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She said Jackson told Reuters: “this is one of those happy coincidences that what is beneficial to the planet and at the same time”. She added: “one of the things that we talk about a lot internally; generally, is the amount of flexibility that will be enjoyed by our supply chain from this.”

In the area of consumer electronics, there is dirt rare in small speakers and issues. The cost of parts so small that they are difficult to assembled recyclable and expensive.

At present, you will use Apple dust rare recycled from an outside vendor, not from the iPhone previously used. According to Jackson, the number of iPhones sold years, amounting to tens of millions, helped the company to make the project viable economically.

He (Kyle and), CEO of iFixit, a company focused on repair and re-use of Electronics: the Apple TV is the first in the industry. He added: “the rare earth elements of the electronics are not recycled at the moment, this is a big problem, especially that China is tightening its grip on supplies of virgin material”. So the “This is a fantastic idea, as it may be for Apple to create a single market a much-needed dust rare recycled”.

Said Apple on Wednesday: the aluminium packaging recovered through its programmes and business will fuse and connect to laptop computers (MacBook Air) New. Previously, the company disclosed that the cobalt which is extracted from the batteries of the iPhone, which dismantled by robots in the coefficient of recycling affiliate in Texas enter the card for iPhone New.

And the Apple TV at the moment methods to recover rare earths from its phones using the robot, which can remove small parts separated in boxes assemble to assemble enough material to make recycling viable.

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