Apple will users if updates to the iOS will affect the performance of the iPhone

After more than a year, still Apple is facing a reaction over its decision to slow down the iPhone old. But today, announced that the consumer body in the UK that Apple had agreed to the notice to users if the updates to the iOS of the future will affect the performance of the iPhone.

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Authority began to investigate the problem in early 2018. This came after being approved by Apple in December of 2017 as the report of the performance of the iPhone the old to keep the battery from collapsing, which caused a big problem for the company criticized wide, and focused the investigation on the fears of not warning people that the performance of the phone may slow down due to updates.

The British government in turn has announced on her official website today that Apple has agreed officially to the notice of the users better when affects the update of the operating system on performance. In order to ensure compliance with the law, the company agreed formally to improve the information provided by people about the health card of their phone.

Since the emergence of the problem for the first time, the Apple to stop the process of slowing down the performance of phones, and has also improved the tools available to consumers to track the status of the battery and improvement in performance through the choice of “Peak Performance”.

Source: British government

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