Apple win ban the sale of iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany to return to the use of Qualcomm’s processors

آبل تكسر حظر بيع آيفون 7 و8 في ألمانيا بالعودة لاستخدام معالجات كوالكوم

Complied with Apple last December’s decision of the German court to ban the sale of iPhone-style it 7 and 8 due to the patent on Qualcomm had been violated after the abdication of the maker of the iPhone on the chip budget, and replace it with another Intel, to become today they would charge iPhones subject to the court’s decision for the German again, but include processors Qualcomm to ensure compliance to correct the patent in order to avoid the decision of the embargo, according to Reuters news.

And Apple has stated to Reuters, saying that it is inevitable treaty for the sale of the iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany, only to renounce some Intel chips available and to use those manufactured by Qualcomm for in retail stores there.

In is no secret about beauty war raging between both sides since the duration of the exchange of the lifting of the lawsuits between them as she lifted the Apple TV several lawsuits on Qualcomm, accusing it of approach a monopoly in the permits patents to blackmail her and other companies used to chip them and raise prices as it pleases.

In the iPad by Qualcomm likewise dismissed several lawsuits in the United States of America and European countries, accusing them of stealing patents and share them with Intel is also a violation of the other was most recently the case has been dropped from a court in Mannheim of the German lack of sufficient evidence.

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