Apple wins award festival Cannes Lions 2019 for marketing creative

Made Apple great throughout the years, especially in the field of technology. But when it comes to the Marketing Board, was the company a high profile thanks to the marketing efforts, now May the company received the award one of the most prestigious festivals in the world of marketing.

Where recently awarded the festival Cannes Lions International for the year 2019 and competent in the creative and marketing, the Apple jackpot. Following that, the description of the vice president of marketing and communications at Apple Tor Myhren, that the award “a great honor”, although this is not the first time that the Apple TV this special award.

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It is worth mentioning that the festival also witnessed some of the biggest brands in the World Award, Cannes Lions Marketer of the Year, including Coca-Cola and Ikea and McDonald’s. Has won Samsung and Google also.

Certainly there is no denying that the Apple TV had an impact on marketing. Just last year, for example, the channel Cannes Lions Creativity on YouTube, download the declaration of “Welcome Home” from the Apple TV to your HomePod, the first speaker intelligent voice of Apple. The output of the ad by the great director Spike Jonze.

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