Apple working on version of cheap of the HomePod

It seems that Apple felt like the size of the recession towards the middle of the new HomePod which I didn’t use the giant warmly, like any new product provided by the company to market therefore decided to take steps new to revive fortunes in the market of smart speakers the Amazon parking.

According to reports coming from Taiwan, the U.S. company is currently working on a cheaper version of the tweeter its own HomePod but this time under the name of the brand Beats is owned by Apple.

The source adds that the price of the new product will be ONLY $ 199 which is much cheaper than the price of the HomePod, which was introduced to the market at a price of 349 dollars during the past few weeks.

Apple is yet to comment on these reports, but separates us less than a month on a corporate event on June 4 killer genes, we’ll know the validity of these reports.


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