Apple you finally activate the support for multiple cameras in the system iOS 13

iPhone X Camera

Has Apple finally activated support for multiple cameras in my system. iOS 13, iPadOS, a feature that has been available in one form or another on a number of Android devices over the years. It’s a feature that has been supported on Macs for a short time also.

Will be support for multiple cameras is only available on mobile devices later such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, iPads and iPad Pro later.

There are also combinations specific you can use it on these devices. You can use both the normal camera and the camera close-in iPhone or back camera and normal front camera. There are even combinations that will allow you to use holographic camera TrueDepth.

When Will Apple reveal new handsets in the second half of this year with three cameras at the back, they would pay for various combinations of for the cameras wide-angle own. It should be noted that multithreading camera supports taking pictures and videos and images from multiple cameras at once. The following is detailed information about the accuracy and clarity of video clips that will be available, the rate of frames per second for each accuracy.


Before conclusion, we would like to point out that Apple will release the application programming interface API for multiple cameras as part of the iOS system 13 developers to add this feature to their apps or create new applications, especially for imaging multiple cameras.


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