Apple’s deal with Broadcom for $ 15 million for components of the wireless

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Detect a new file deposited with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a U.S. government agency monitors the trading in securities and acquisitions of companies, that Apple entered into two separate contracts with the company to Broadcom for the wireless components worth 15 million USD.

According to the filing, will provide the company Broadcom components and units of the special radio frequencies to Apple for use in devices throughout the three years and a half next year.

Used Apple currently components Broadcom in the lineup iPhone 11 Series for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. According to analysts, this filing refers to the possibility to provide the iPhone in the future where of Broadcom for the Etisalat LTE, but the components of the Broadcom Telecom 5G non-overlapping on the table completely. Remember that the Apple they acquired the section who oversees the development of the modem of smart phones in Intel.

Not been trading this news, the increased company’s share price Broadcom by about 3 percent in after-hours rush to 330.10 USD after the close of trading on Thursday when 319.65 USD.

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