Apple’s development of technology will help to identify health risks at an early stage

Said the CEO of Apple that the company is developing a new technique can help identify health risks at an early stage, similar to the characteristic of control of the Sacred Heart in the hour of its smart Apple Watch, which may soon turn to the areas of interest in the other.

The latest version of the previous smart techniques provide sensors able to detect atrial fibrillation or AFib, a cardiac arrhythmia is common, which can lead to the occurrence of clots for some patients, and skipping the former step forward by offering the feature of ECG to obtain the most accurate readings.

Tim Cook said that he thought that our lives would be better finding many areas that intersect technology with health care, pointing to the possibility of reducing the cost of health care through the integration of their technology hardware consumer goods company, like clockwork smart.

It is known that Apple is working on multiple projects focusing on health, although it is not advertised any of them officially. For example, refers to the registration of a patent in December 2019 that the company is developing ways to use the former to detect Parkinson’s disease diagnosis symptoms.

Source: Apple Insider

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