Apple’s hint for the coming of the base wireless charging AirPower in its official website on the web


I don’t doubt that many people are wondering about the fate of the base wireless charging AirPower. Have you cancelled? Do you see the light? Well, in the case if recent rumors are true, it seems that Apple actually started the production of the base wireless charging this, what this means is that it should be to see Apple recognize this wireless charger for sale in the near future. If you are looking for more evidence, he has referred Apple to AirPower by accident in its official website on the web.

Been mentioned charging base walkie talkie. AirPower on the page for the battery protective new Apple Smart Battery Case announced by Apple recently in its official website on the internet in Malaysia. The reason that prompted Apple to do this is the fact that the battery protective New supports wireless charging, this means that when it is put phone the iPhone uses this battery Protective on the wireless charger, they will be charging cover and the phone at the same time.

The deal was formerly the phrase : ” cover the Apple Smart Battery Case compatible with wireless charging dock AirPower Chargers other wireless that depend on the Qi standard. Can you ship the iPhone cover at the same time to increase the time calls for up to 26 hours, and use of the internet for up to 22 hours on LTE, as well as play songs and videos are longer than usual “.

Has been removed this phrase since then, but the fact that it was mentioned AirPower in the page hints that the base wireless charging this is still alive, or at least that’s the hope. And yet, we’re still not sure of the launch date of this supplement, but hopefully will happen in the near future.

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