Apple's market value reaches $ 2 trillion! But it is not the first to achieve this

Apple's market value has now reached $ 2 trillion! It is undoubtedly a very large number, and perhaps the most prominent thing that this huge number clarifies to her is that Apple's growth has not been stalled or stopped by the Corona pandemic, as the expectations indicated! And Apple's huge growth has also been reflected in share price and shareholder fortunes. Apple's market value

Apple's market value jumps to $ 2 trillion

The most interesting and inspiring part of this Apple growth is that the company reached the trillion dollar square just two years ago! Which means that Apple's market value has doubled in just two years, by more than $ 1,000 billion.

It is reported that Apple is the first American company to reach this huge achievement, but it is not the first in the world, as the Saudi oil company Aramco preceded it in 2019, and its market value has already reached more than 2 trillion US dollars.

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Apple's market value

Among the achievements that Apple has also achieved is the share price, as the share price is currently at $ 467.77, which is a large number, but the most important of the large number is the growth rate, and according to financial reports, the share price grows by 3.5% per week! That is, 14% per month (approximately), which means that investing in Apple stocks is definitely profitable.

Apple is currently fighting in more than one side, as it and Epic Games are fighting over the removal of the Fortnite game from the App Store due to the latter's evasion of paying the percentage of Apple, this while also negotiating with both Google and Microsoft about their cloud play services, which they refused to include in the store , Despite the emergence of patents confirming Apple is working on a separate cloud-playing service.

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