Apple’s music up to 50 million subscribers and on-demand video service

apple music

apple music

Arrived service Apple TV music to record a new 50 million subscribers with the preparation of the company to launch a video-on-demand, therefore, confirmed its presence on the tongue its Executive Director for the first time.

No. 50 million in common includes pay for service as well as the participants within the free trial period, the company had reported last April that it has 40 million subscribers driven by the 8 million subscribers of the trial period.

Compared to Spotify has 75 million subscribers driven but that doesn’t mean miss it permanent due to the rapid growth in the number of subscribers Apple TV musical which is expected to overtake the number of subscribers of Spotify over the next two years and estimate.

Admitted Tim Cook said that Apple plans to launch the service video-on-demand after months of rumors and leaks. He explained that Apple will launch the service in line with its brand, without revealing any other details.

She had revealed Apple’s commitment to invest a billion dollars to create content exclusive video and websites he has already started currently the production of some business out of the 12 series the software program is exclusive.

It looks like we’ll wait at least another year until the launch of the Apple services in its own video so as in the spring or summer of 2019.


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