Apple's next fight will be with its cloud game streaming services

Anyone who has been following Apple for years will not be surprised by the fact that its app store has some of the most restrictive policies in any software market in the world. Apple’s harsh approach has been the source of a lot of developers ’anger over the years, and the fees that Apple collects from any In-app purchases in its store, which reach 30%, have made the iPhone company before lawsuits over killing competition, the last of which is Fortnite , so that Apple has attended congressional hearings due to the monopoly that it practices through its store.

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And now the big technology companies have begun to switch to online game streaming services, which give users the gaming experience without the need to own devices, only fast internet, a smartphone, and a large library full of amazing games.

But they collided with a cement wall represented by Apple's stubbornness, as the company always made it clear that it did not allow these things in the App Store, and while some smaller developers were able to work hard within Apple's intransigent rules, however, the large companies that have cloud gaming services want their games to reach i-users IPhone

This was the case with Microsoft's xCloud service and by the Stadia service for Google and others, as Apple rejected these types of games on the pretext that they do not follow the store's policy, which indicates that each game must be reviewed before agreeing to its presence in the store.

Of course, it is a joke, for example, xCloud will provide about 100 games. Should Microsoft wait for Apple to review those games individually, and even if this is approved, what if there is one or more games that Apple objects to, many questions Illogical revolves around Apple's arbitrary method.

Of course, cloud gaming services are being rejected, and at the same time, the Apple-owned gaming service, Apple Arcade, is flying away from other competing services.

Apple responded

The Apple Store was created to be a safe and reliable place for users to discover and download applications, and it is also a great opportunity for all developers, and the way our store works begins with reviewing all applications according to the store's policies, which aim to protect our users and provide a fair and equal playing field for developers.

And in our store, our users enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers, and cloud gaming services can be launched as long as you follow the same store policies as other developers, and this includes reviewing games individually.

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And in truth, technically, Apple does the same approach to its Apple Arcade service, even though it provides a set of games, but each game is still in the store and can be downloaded individually and the only difference between games in the Apple Arcade service and any other game is the availability of those games with a subscription In Apple's cloud service, and for subscribers, these games are downloaded in the same way as any other game purchased or free in the Apple App Store.

Why is Apple blocking cloud gaming services

x cloud

This is the real question, and the answer to it lies in Apple’s desire for more power, monopoly, and imposing its orders inside the store. It also wants to prevent competition, especially when competition with its services such as Apple Arcade, which would have definitely been defeated by other gaming services for Microsoft, Google, and even Nvidia (as Happened with Barcelona by Bayern Munich: lol :).

Another reason, Apple does not allow any application to set its own payment system so that it can collect 30% of every purchase made within its store, and this type of cloud gaming services will provide the user with a set of games in exchange for a package that the user will subscribe to, and of course these payments will not You pass through the Apple Store and thus you will lose the fees.

Apple may be right to charge the 30% fee, but what about its stubborn store policies regarding cloud gaming, share your opinion in the comments.



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