Apple’s policy change subscription discounts applications

Happened to Apple’s subscription policy applications of the App Store paid, in particular, gave developers the option of offering discounts, subscription, whatever the status of the subscriber.

While limited offers subscription discounts to the new subscribers currently, and can include current and former participants soon.

As is the case with performances that is intended to new participants, the presentations of the participants of the current and former are divided into three categories:

Free: use the service for a free trial period, that can then be used for the specified price.

Defense patrol: pay the promotional price (offer price) for every invoice for a certain period then revert to the original price; for example: pay$ 2 per month for three months, then refer to the price of$ 10 per month.

Advance payment: payment of the price is a promotional one for a specific period and then refer the original price; for example: pay 10$ subscription for 6 months then back to$ 40 annually.

That will help Apple developers to restore the former participants and retain current participants, knowing that the offers may be for current participants and former only, if you choose the developer for not submitting to new subscribers.

Also, as soon as the completion of a free offer or paid periodically or in advance, the subscription will be renewed automatically at the original price, unless the joint prevention of automatic renewal of the service.

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Can the developers check the validity of the receipts, even the participants who did the disable the automatic renewal to get them back to submit to the tempting offers.

Finally, will the discount Start update iOS 12.2 and Mac Mojave 10.4.4 and tvOS 12.2.

Source: MacRumors

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