Apple’s request not to apply tariffs on China

آبل تطلب عدم تطبيق الرسوم الجمركية على الصينApple’s request not to apply tariffs on China

Crossed Apple about the negative effects that may be caused by the economy and the U.S. as a result of the application of the administration of President Trump new tariffs on China by 25% specifically for electronic devices.

Said Apple in a letter to Robert Lighthizer United States Trade Representative that the tariffs to be applied out of economic production for the company and put it in a less competitive compared to its competitors international and specifically Chinese companies.

Impact of these fees on almost all Apple products starting from the the previous and iPhone, iPad, and access to computers Mac and even wireless headsets and other in addition to spare parts and components that are used in maintenance. It also will affect the staff of the Apple employees in the United States.

The Apple TV is affected by the first round of tariffs is less where it was include accessories that are manufactured by in China such as cables, chargers and connections.

But the second round will include hardware such as computers, phones, TVs, and here comes the direct effects of more so that every product of the Apple products manufactured in China and the United States will have customs fees as any products another Chinese, and this leads to reduce the profits of Apple or will be forced to raise the price of their products and transfer the additional costs to the user.

Apple is not alone in this field of course, where I already e-mailed the manufacturers of computers like Dell and hp and Microsoft and even Intel, the trade authorities of America to express the positions of the application of these new tariffs as they undermine the ability of American companies to innovate and compete in the global market.

Worth noting that Apple is considering to transfer part of production to outside China to reduce their dependence on them and also to avoid part of the tariff if they have been already applied.

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