Apple’s robot development for phones iPhone old

ابل تطور روبوت لتخلص من هواتف الآيفون القديمة
Apple developed a robot to from phones iPhone old

Apple developed a robot to from phones iPhone old

I know the Apple on the development of mechanical robot for devices, days of old, and recycling their components, based on the next-known that nearly 100 percent of electronic waste is recyclable.

Revealed Apple for the name of the new Android which is (Daisy) .

Per 100 thousand iPhone is old, Android restore 1.900 kg of aluminium, and 770 kg of cobalt, and 710 kg of copper, and 11 kg of material, the other rare.

Used Apple these substances in the manufacture of new machines from her phone months days.

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Green energy technology

And Apple’s significant progress to get to the stage of the manufacture of phones the faith & days Mac full of parts recycled, which means the transition to green energy, which is an ambitious goal for us.

Recall that the Android Daisy currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Are you saying Google and the other manufacturers phones Android similar step for hundreds of millions of phones Android is? We’ll have to wait and see.

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