Application to protect the privacy of browsing on iOS devices

Easy company Cloudflare to protect your privacy in browsing on iOS devices through the application of

We all know that the gold standard to protect the privacy of the internet is to use a VPN service. Which encrypts all your activity on internet so as not to be able to internet service provider from knowing which sites you have visited. But VPN services reliable do not come free of charge.

However, the alternative approach which holds some of your data is to use the domain name system (DNS) to a third party. Means the use of domain names external to the internet service provider can see which sites you visit, and can sometimes speed up the time it takes to connect to a certain web site.

Cloudflare offering DNS free application, which does not record IP addresses and all records after 24 hours.

You can set the DNS manually on iOS devices, but it is a rather complicated process. So you can avoid all of that vs. just one click. Open the app and press on the slider to activate the connection.

Application is available free for download from the App Store.

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