Application ActionDash comes tools Digital Wellbeing on any Android phone

تطبيق ActionDash يأتي بأدوات Digital Wellbeing على أي هاتف أندرويد

Tool Digital Wellbeing, which we saw for the first time with the version and the last 9.0, SO still this tool is only available on a few smartphones, but if you don’t like to wait and want to try it on your phone which is not running 9.0, you should experience a new app ActionDash which is developed by team action as the rich from the definition.

In relation to the app, it offers similar features to a tool Digital Wellbeing on any Android phone, tracks how and when you use your phone just like a tool, as it includes more of other things like Dark Mode, and the summaries of daily backups and more, as we will see between the lines the next.

Generally when you install your investigation, you need to modify the settings so that it can record the applications you use and for how long, show this data on your phone unless you choose to back them up, this

Is the first thing that tends ActionDash about Digital Wellbeing, as well as you can export the record to use to back up and restore to keep all your stats intact, and in the full version and paid for the there will be an end to the days of Statistics.

تطبيق ActionDash يأتي بأدوات Digital Wellbeing على أي هاتف أندرويد

In regard to usability, it will be familiar to those who use a tool for Digital Wellbeing, so that you can here know the applications that use it throughout the day, and the time used in a particular application, the number of times to unlock the screen etc., as we have indicated there are settings in ActionDash more advanced than Digital Wellbeing as a dark mode and change the start time of each day’s applications the system in timers.

Finally the application of ActionDash currently available on the store Google Play, free version supports ads and a limited set of features, to take advantage of the feature of dark mode and backup date statistics possible and other things, you have to buy the full version at the price of 6.99$, it also integrates the app with the action as if you think it as key for your phone Android.

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