Application Adobe Lightroom is now available through the store Mac App Store

Mac App Store

Finally after a long wait, the photo editing application ad hoc Pro Adobe Lightroom is available for download from the store Mac App Store. Happens to be the This is the first application of Adobe is available for download from the revamped version of the app store of Apple. I’ve had Photoshop Elements is available already since a while, but it’s lightweight compared to Adobe Lightroom. This is the only app that focuses on professional available through the store Mac App Store.

Different application Adobe Lightroom and also Photoshop Elements in a way that pays out customers for the service. You don’t have to pay $ 70 upfront, but opting for a plan of the subscription that they want. Users pay $ 10 a month for access to Adobe Lightroom.

Promised Apple that Adobe Lightroom is one of the apps that will be available through the revamped version of the store Mac App Store. Include some large applications, the other made its way to stores in the Mac App Store, the new Microsoft Office package, as well as the Live Studio of the company Snap Inc.

Users will be able to interested of try Adobe Lightroom for free for seven days, but after that they will have to pay $ 10 per month for continued access. As is the case with Microsoft Office 365, you’ll be able to pay the subscription fee through the payment system of Apple. A fee will be charged to customers through the iTunes account of their own after the end of the trial period of a duration of seven days.

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