Application AllCast now supports broadcast torrent directly to TVs and more

I got the application AllCast after a long absence on the new update supports Android and of course there is new in this updated version.

تطبيق AllCast يدعم الآن بث التورنت مباشرة إلى أجهزة التلفاز وأكثر على أندرويدApplication AllCast now supports broadcast torrent directly to TVs and more

In 2013 was the start of the application AllCast as a means to broadcast photos and video clips and any other content to the chrome cast and Apple TV, and more, and by the way, this app is developed Koushik Dutta and knowledge developed to serve the rich by definition the likes of ClockworkMod and Vysor, today I got the application AllCast on Android the first update since a long time.

Have added This update which carries the version number of the AllCast some of the required features strongly, most notably, in support of the application now to run a torrent at the present time on any device supported by AllCast, including “Chrome Dreamcast Chromecasts and Fire TV devices, the Xbox and Roku and some smart TVs”, and that is why the support application uses the client is WebTorrent author of the month in broadcast torrent Heber browser and applications Node.js.

Also the update adds support for MKV, which is particularly useful for BitTorrent, but it’s also wonderful for anyone who stores a copy of the DVD and Blu-ray, and if you are not able to device a broadcast of dealing with videos to MKV, can convert them on your phone while photographed, in addition, there are a range of reforms and general improvements, most notably the reform of the judiciary on with my Google Photos and Google Drive.

Finally, the update is currently available in both versions “free and paid” from the application AllCast, you can get the transition to his page on the Play Store via the links at the bottom.

Download the free version of the app AllCast.

Download the paid version of the app AllCast.

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