Application Amazon on Android, allows recording actually enhanced

Owners of devices running iOS can long time buy products from Amazon using augmented reality. With the launch of the platform Google ARCore 1.0, the Android devices have the ability also to shopping from Amazon using augmented reality. There are tens of thousands of products on Amazon support the technology, including Furniture, Home Decor, children’s games and more. So that through the app on phones and smart devices, you can press the camera button to review many of the products by clicking on them you will be able to subject to review within the organization to take an idea about its final form. Used feature en View apply Amazon, your device needs working Android that supports the first platform ARCore 1.0, and by clicking on this link will work if your device is compatible or not. After installation, make sure the application update Amazon also. [youtube youtubeurl=”77ZJ3jw6EkA” ][/youtube]

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