Application AmpMe wonderful and unique – an acoustic experience turning your phone on and phones your friends to the speakers uniform!

I can apply AmpMe to get the trust of users since it was launched the first time, and anyone who doesn’t know this application possible application AmpMe is one of the voice applications as possible, think the idea of the app in a nutshell the audio broadcast on more than one device at once in conjunction to get loud and take advantage of external speakers for each device.

تطبيق AmpMe لتحويل أجهزتك و أجهزة أصدقائك إلى مكبرات صوت صاخبة بإصدار جديد !

Company was designed to be updated periodically and add many of the features requested by users frequently, the last of these updates update the month of September which added support for the music program of the famous Deezer where users can now access accounts Deezer their own via the app and share music with their friends more smoothly with the added feature of automatic synchronization fast, too.

How it works the application AmpMe it?

After downloading it application and install it on your device and on devices surrounding your block you owned your friends like, open the app and select the audio files ( notes, song, music, song, lecture, or whatever content ) is stored on the device or from sharing sites, audio such as SoundCloud and Spotify and Deezer or even from YouTube, and that you have created is appropriate or likely and can any of your friends join you .

تطبيق AmpMe لتحويل أجهزتك و أجهزة أصدقائك إلى مكبرات صوت صاخبة بإصدار جديد !

When you say none of your friends opens the app will see the occasion or celebration that you created on the main interface for the application, and when you join you will run the audio file when Anya and increasingly and without any conflict, and the greater the number of producers you, the more the sound around you, and the point of force application AmpMe simultaneous operation of the images on several devices adjacent in a time and very carefully to produce the noisy sound, make use of earphones for each device .

What is the maximum number of devices that work together across the application?

There is no limit, you can add an unlimited number of devices, whether these devices are working with Android or iOS or even external speakers that are Bluetooth .

تطبيق AmpMe لتحويل أجهزتك و أجهزة أصدقائك إلى مكبرات صوت صاخبة بإصدار جديد !

How are the app?

The host or the originator of the celebration Party host (DJ) is the museum world and can invite and remove from the SHA, and also create lists of things that would like to run .

تطبيق AmpMe لتحويل أجهزتك و أجهزة أصدقائك إلى مكبرات صوت صاخبة بإصدار جديد !

What are the ways of broadcasting via the application of AmpMe it?

You can use the audio files you have stored on the device, or reside on the service the sound like SoundCloud and Spotify, and even Youtube recently added Program, Deezer, and are using Bluetooth to connect the devices to each other .


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices .
  • Operating system compatible: iOS 9.0 or newer and 4.4 and in Android .
  • Suitable: for everyone .
  • The last version with the Apple TV: 7.10 (appeared in the history of the 7-09-2018)
  • Latest version Android devices: 7.9.2 (appeared in the history of the 7-09-2018)
  • Size devices Apple: 111.3 MB (can download via the 3G)
  • Size devices Android: 20 MB (can download via the 3G)

The advice of “tell app” about this app:

You can create groups and broadcast voice, share what you hear with your friends, or share their what they to him, which is the application easy to use \, even if not submitted previously on the experience of the voice broadcast real-time you can now enjoy it through the application AmpMe possible .

For download via Apple devices:

Developer : Amp Me inc

Price : free

  Click here to download

For download via Android devices:

Developer : Amp Me inc

Price : free

  Click here to download

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