Application Apple TV music on Android comes actually dark and the words concurrent

Apple updates Apple’s Music “Apple Music” on the Android operating system, for this to be the version currently in experimental.

Anyway, regarding the update came with a pair of outstanding features of on the app version associated with the iOS 13.

Where with Can Android users take advantage of the situation the dark, as well as the Sync feature words.

تطبيق آبل ميوزيك على أندرويد يأتي بالوضع المظلم وميزة الكلمات المتزامنةApplication Apple TV music on Android comes actually dark and the words concurrent

As we have noted, this update to the demo, and only to my lab and demo version. But is expected to launch for everyone and formal at the launch of the iOS version of 13 in the month of September.

On the other hand, also, you will find the attribute to dark in the Settings app and specifically in the tab themes.

Where you can choose to be light or dark or controlled by a provider of the battery.

Finally, included this update also re-design one Now Play in the app to show the live tracks along with the music.

That is the highlight of the track open with the possibility to scroll between the lines, and when you click on any line, you will be taken directly to the timing current.

As we mentioned, the updated application to Apple’s Music currently available version is only experimental so it needs some time to appear officially for everyone.



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