Application Assistant Shortcuts to make the most of the buttons the phone’s physical

تطبيق Assistant Shortcuts للاستفادة القصوى من أزرار الهاتف المادية

If you want to re-map the button to run the phone, so that when performing the process of pressing it for a long time, he opens an application or open a job of your choice, the application Assistant Shortcuts very suitable for you, as it is great for people who have a disability move them using the touch screen, where the with this new app can be set up to run some basic applications when pressing the buttons on the phone material.

On the other hand, this application uses the accessibility services on your phone, and its features to switch to another application was using it, and a flat screen on the edge, and take advantage of the split-screen mode “requires Android N most recent”, so that supports opening panel notifications to open the Panel Settings Quick, Take a screen-shot of the company “requires Android P”.

تطبيق Assistant Shortcuts للاستفادة القصوى من أزرار الهاتف المادية

And not only that where there is a support option to turn on the lamp and the lock rotates open any application installed on your phone, all via the physical buttons for your Android, finally the application Assistant Shortcuts is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play.

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