Application Athan Pro Azan Pro for the month of Ramadan – prayer timings with athan and advantages of the many useful great, for free !

With the approaching holy month of Ramadan God you re so good and Yemen and blessings, replete with app stores with many applications and religious, useful and comprehensive, especially apps athan reminders of the dates of the cross with a beautiful voice or the voice of your Sheikh is your favorite.

Among the most famous of these apps is ears Pro Athan Pro, which supports all of the systems Android and iOS .Application ears Pro makes you always connected to health, it should be at the correct time by the ears, and would not interest larger when in the area don’t hear the adhaan.

تطبيق أذان برو

Application Azan Pro

Application ears Pro is not just a normal application off with elegant rope detailing, it offers you several advantages, the most notably, the application provides you with a distinctive design, makes your use of the app easy, convenient, and helps you reach the options that you want with ease.

When entering application Azan Pro, will you different icons, you can choose among them to reach all what you want from the content of the application, and options many useful, and help you to take full advantage, and organize your life with precision, and sum up these advantages are as follows:

The best interface for 2018 include modern, backgrounds, beautiful Islamic
Determine the time of prayer is strictly depending on your geographical location.
A built-in compass to indicate the direction of qibla.
Listen to the latest prayers from Mecca and Medina.
Get free applications as Act and the Koran.
Calendar with dates of holidays and religious events.
A special calendar for the month of Ramadan.
Remembrance are different.
Read and review the hadith of the chosen daily.
Monthly schedule for prayer times.
Adhkaar before the cross, during and after.
Display names of Allah with words and pictures.
Supports English, French, along with Arabic.
Ability to customize image and wallpaper app.

تطبيق أذان برو

Application Azan Pro

These features are most important, otherwise there’s a lot of advantages leave you to explore, and what makes this app better that it’s free and supports iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

This app was developed by Quanticapps, for more information and to communicate with the company for any feedback you can that through the following:

Facebook page:

Twitter account:

Account Instagram:

Official website:


Works on iPhone iPod-Touch iPad and Android devices .

Operating system compatible: iOS 8.0 or later and 4.1 and in Android .

Suitable: for everyone .

The latest version supports Apple: 2.1 (back in the history of the 8-05-2018)

The latest version supports Android: 3.0.17 (appeared in the history of the 11-05-2018)

Size devices Apple: 50 MB ( can’t download through the-3G)

Size devices Android: 90 MB (can download via the 3G)

The advice of “tell app” about this app:

You will get the service of DynDNS work in a comprehensive manner, remember the times of prayer, the adhkaar, and other advantages during the day or night.

Download application Azan Pro for Apple:

Developer : Quanticapps

Price : free

  Click here to download

Download application Azan Pro for Android devices:

Developer : Quanticapps Ltd

Price : free

  Click here to download

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