Application Auto90 lets for phones OnePlus 7 Pro Download from 60 to 90 Hz and vice

Auto90 is the application of new third-party provides an easy way to switch from a frame rate of 60 Hz to 90 Hz and vice versa for phones OnePlus 7 Pro .

We envision that this app is a great tool for players who are looking for maximum performance from their phone.

تطبيق Auto90 يتيح لحملة هواتف ون بلس 7 برو التحويل من 60 إلى 90 هرتز والعكسApplication Auto90 allows for OnePlus 7 Pro Download from 60 to 90 Hz and vice versa

In turn, this also allows you to Auto90 control how and when the conversion OnePlus 7 Pro to 60 Hz or 90 Hz, thus it supports automatic switch.

Although there are several ways to force the screen to work at 90 Hz all the time, but it negatively affects the battery power.

Therefore, it will use the mode “automatic” that provides the app to keep the default behavior of the system, with support also to the rate of 60-90 Hz on the specific applications.

In this way, you’ll be able to get the maximum performance as well as maintenance about the battery. In regard to the operation of the application configuration, the conflict is a bit complicated for the average user. So that will Auto90 applying some of the recommended configurations to enable the 90 Hz for many applications.

With There case tools ADB via your computer for once, but don’t worry the whole process is illustrated and detailed in this link.

Stress analysis

Application Auto90 available for download on Google Play at a price of 1.50$, the waste OnePlus 7 Pro issue Android 6 up.

It also does not include any ads or elements of the suite you need to purchase, can be downloaded from here.

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