Application Calcularіum – calculator wonderful full and best iPhone and iPad the undisputed!

We all depend on the application of calculator either to perform some simple operations in our daily lives or the implementation of more complex processes in study or work, so you may not meet the default app on Apple devices to our needs, but we need to apply the best advantages of more as an application calculator is revolutionary Calcularіum which not only make calculations of various kinds, but also converts units and currencies etc.

تطبيق الآلة الحاسية Calcularium

Application calculator Calcularium

Control the app by voice

Imagine an application that understands your voice and your arithmetic daily. Features of this wonderful app with enormous distinction from any similar application, namely the possibility to perform calculations by the sound, just tell the app what you want to calculate it, like say ” 15 hit 50”, it will make the process and tell you the result right!

Works application Calcularium using the numbers of verbal and arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and percentages and calculations of the cost) to give you fast and accurate results. It’s a great way to learn your child how to calculate the amounts without the need to write boring numbers or use the calculator old school.

تطبيق الآلة الحاسية Calcularium

Application calculator Calcularium

Application Calcularium not only easy and playful, but it saves your time significantly, instead of writing numbers and the conversion by the conversion programs, this is all now in one place via THIS APP possible.

Features calculator Calcularіum :

  • Distinctive design and support characteristic gestures to navigate between application interfaces or modify accounts.
  • Perform calculations of all kinds.

تطبيق الآلة الحاسية Calcularium

Application calculator Calcularium

  • The possibility of modification of input in arithmetic operations or the re-use of outputs.
  • A complete history of all the calculations.

تطبيق الآلة الحاسية Calcularium

Application calculator Calcularium

  • The possibility to label the inputs or constants.
  • Feature convert units of measurement.
  • The possibility to convert currencies inside the machine and perform operations on it.
  • The advantage of copy/paste within the app.
  • The sharing feature calculations on the image format.
  • A video explanation of how to work the app The Voice of Siri.

Free version and of calculator Calcularіum

You can download a calculator Calcularіum free and use the basic version of them, as you can also buy backups for more advantages and possibilities of other wonderful.

الآلة الحاسبة Calcularіum

Calculator Calcularіum


  • Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the Apple Watch.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 11.1 what the latest.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Coder: InVooDoo LLC

Price : free download

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