Application cards smart business – good bye cards, personal traditional and Chrome smart!

Digital control makes our work easy and fast in time of need everyone to accomplish their aspirations and their actions in the quickest time and with high quality. Platform application cards smart business is transferred the new technique in the business world the exchange of data and information between entrepreneurs, scientists and all sectors to electronically archive the information and services the benefits of technology.

تطبيق بطائق الأعمال الذكية

Control of the cards business or business card form traditional paper – which is no longer appropriate to much these days with the invasion of smart devices and our life – task is to facilitate and accelerate the pace of expansion, which calls for the need to Card Smart Electronic rather than paper-and disadvantages a lot of load and printing access as well as ease of loss.

Application cards smart business the new way the idea offers you the advantage to create and share and Share cards cards personal smartphone with ease not only this but also many other important.

Features of the application cards smart business:

  • The possibility of the creation and the acquisition of more than one card smart business the problem with the data connection are different.
  • Easily and quickly send and Share cards smart business electronically via the app in several ways.
  • Preservation and archiving all the credit. electronic.
  • Property search premium back Smart either geographically or by jurisdiction and labeled.
  • Reduce the costs and designs of Cards paperwork and waste of time and money.
  • The possibility to export the card as a PDF file
  • The possibility of filming paper cards as their content.
  • Possibility to create as barcode cards, smart business.
  • The advantages of other advanced..

تطبيق بطائق الأعمال الذكية

تطبيق بطائق الأعمال الذكية

Application cards smart business available to everyone for free, as you can enjoy all of the advantages previously mentioned, also free of charge. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of other, more fit to your requirements and need to for your success and your customers, and them the same attention with ease and speed is driven by the you can do it through packages include advantages such as: possibility to send messages between users, ability to search for cards by geographical distance, the possibility to add personal profile, add custom fields as per requirement and also the app offers a feature advertising, promotion Cards ups with corporate and business.

How to register a new user?

  • When you download the app you will see a page, choose new user registration
  • Fill out the account information of the user Key (your name, email and mobile number, classification, and password)
  • Before registering you must read and agree to all terms and conditions of Use and Privacy.

تطبيق بطائق الأعمال الذكية

  • Will you post a message to the email in box spam or inbox to verify your email address.
  • There is a possibility of registration and sign in several ways (password, Mail Gmail or Facebook). *Example for password Sma[email protected] ((password contains 8 characters at least including wars, big and small its numbers, symbol)) ” you can use the example as the password and then change the password via My Account Information settings “
  • When you lost the password you can choose Forgot password and the email that was causing it will you post a message to the email in box spam or Inbox, and then go to my account information to return this call set up a password.

Add your card’s electronic personal or business Mastercard e-mail:

To add a card to your own e-commerce or business Mastercard e-go to screen settings, icons, the three lines at the bottom of the page of the e-wallet and choose cards, or go to the icon of the card at the top of the page for wallet cards electronic, and can be work more than one card as the cards and each data card is different from the other and Exchange each card separately.

You can add your card by selecting the Icon (+) top page of cards personal.

إضافة بطاقتك الشخصية الإلكترونية أو البزنس كارد الإلكتروني

Will you select the pilots (manual) or by photographing a card and reading the paper by pressing on the icon of the camera the top of the page you will see page after reading to display the data to add and modify the data after reading data, upon completion of the methods click on the icon Add-on.


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch iPad in addition to Android devices.

تحميل التطبيق عبر QR Code

Download on iPhone:

Price : free download

Download on Android devices:

Price : free

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