Application Clicker player official for Netflix on computers Mac with support for Touch Bar

If you are looking for a great experience for Netflix on the operating system macOS, don’t look further than the application of the Clicker, which is considered as the operator of the official simplified service Netflix on computers Mac.

The app offers multiple advantages including tests for time-saving on the Bar Touch Bar, with the support of the feature Picture-in-Picture which allows you to watch your shows on Netflix a mini floating above the windows on your computer, and a host of other advantages such as get rid of the automatic start of the episode, and start the automatic for the next episode and more. The advantages of the app are customizable as per your desire

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تطبيق Clicker مشغل رسمي لـ Netflix

Include the controls in the Touch Bar available operation buttons and options to the captions and the usual and other useful shortcuts such as access immediately to a movie or a TV show it is not already running, which is actually a great way to review the historical record of the viewing quickly.

تطبيق Clicker مشغل رسمي لـ Netflix

The application supports the feature of Picture-in-Picture system macOS which allows you to disconnect the video player in a floating window remain above all other applications, so you can multitask while watching your favorite show.

As part of a promotion, you can get the app discount of $ 3 by putting the discount code launchpromo19 when you buy the app.

The app is now available on

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