Application easyUp new to enable teams to work more effectively

When it comes to the management and organization of work, and thankfully, there are dozens of apps and services that help those interested in this field, the application easyUp most recent, available exclusively on the Android operating system, in respect of this application is can be work teams cooperate very effectively, through the implementation of video presentations regular “freelancing”.

His idea came from the premise that it is not always possible to assemble all the team members in one location, and therefore her employer will be able to keep everyone informed, here can shoot a video anywhere for a period ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

As the app supports the possibility of placing a personal photo of each member, as well as the possibility to customize the group name and image ,,etc., finally the application easyUp available to download for free and full, that supports Android 5.0 the latest.

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