Application FaceApp collects your data different next to your photos

You may want to think twice before using the application FaceApp which I am known widely in the past few days. App that two-year-old, which gives you the possibility to change the contours of your face to be older, brings together a large amount of data from users ‘ devices.

Regardless of the images that you upload a personal policy of making the application to get the form and you’re too old, the app gathers multiple data far exceed what is required to provide service to his well-known, he urged collects geo-location data, and data about browsing history users.

In-page usage policy, it is clearly stated that the tools for the application collects data from the devices, including the web pages you visit and downloads, and other information that help to improve the app, and refer the Privacy Policy honestly they share data with third parties are the companies advertising to deliver targeted ads.

In the world after Cambridge Analytica, where the ill-use of the data of thousands of people because of the personality tests on Facebook, warn now of the party of the many by which application developers access to users ‘ data or detection.

Source: FaceApp

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