Application famous to find points WiFi know passwords of millions of WiFi networks around the world at risk

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If you work during development and would prefer to use a WiFi network instead of relying on a contact cell, there are apps that help you identify points of WiFi. In fact, enjoy some of these applications are very popular, but unfortunately, it has revealed a report by website TechCrunch that one of these applications exposes millions of passwords WiFi networks to detect.

This according to the specialist in information security Sanyam Jain, and in the institution of GDI, which was discovered in the beginning of the database that contains the passwords of millions of WiFi networks. Website says TechCrunch that he tried to access the app’s developer, but he didn’t get a response from them. Instead, link the site to the host data base to which he removed after that.

Despite the fact that the idea that is centered around the app was useful, as it allowed users to lift the passwords for WiFi networks to the database for the application so others can use it, the way development cooperation of the clinic. Because the information about the network and geographic location and passwords stored them all in plain text.

This means that hackers who have access to this information will not face a problem in modifying the settings of the router, including changing the DNS. and also read traffic is not encrypted.


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