Application Files by Google the situation gets dark

تطبيق Files by Google يحصل على الوضع المظلم

Because the version of Android Q the judge explains to the dark at the system level by default, the File Manager application Files by Google has finally joined to the package other applications which in turn adopts the characteristic dark, and if you are not familiar with the appearance of the dark, because they save energy for OLED being close pixels of the individual when showing the color black, as well as experience new appearance and wonderful at the same time.

In general, prints the file manager that’s looking dark well, with some notes, for example, is not coloring the icon menu located in the upper correctly, however, everything works without problems.

Finally, up this update with this feature gradually to users, turning to the app page on the store Google Play, you can be assured of arriving or not it, or you can simply download it via file the APK from here.

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