Application Files Go of Google get advantages of a new

With to application Files Go of Google is still in the experimental stage, but it has proved to be a very important tool for those who need one application combines the functions of the department and share files.

And now Google announced a new update for the sitting to Files Go a number of advantages, including the ability to conduct a review of the advanced, proving inequalities safe, and share faster, and it even includes a media player to run audio and video files.

The application Files Go a good tool because it lets you find your files in your smart phone easily, it also allows you to delete system files, files spamming, files and duplicate images and remove mess in the storage system, thus freeing up additional space on your device.

As the app that lets you share files without internet connection with other people who also have the application Files Go installed on their devices. So if you have limited space on your phone and share your files a lot, it would be the application tool is easy to use.

Must be the update advanced feature to allow you to easily access folders and sub-folders on your phone. Also you can check the applications that you receive them before installing them and make sure they are safe and they are supported from the Google Play Store.

This, and you can download the latest version of the application Files Go from Play Store, also you can download it as a separate file from here.

Did you use the application Files Go? We shared your experience in the comments.

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