Application for recognition of face from Moto is a Google Play

Certain Lenovo smartphones, sold under the brand Moto, equipped with face detection technology. It’s called “face control” Moto Moto or Face Unlock. Technology allows you to unlock the smartphone screen by using your face. Today it has become a very popular way to unlock it. Now the “face unlock Moto” can be installed from Google Play.

The current version of the app available in Google Play, is no different from what is offered on the Moto phones. However, it still should be set as future updates can change everything. It is likely that for these updates, Lenovo has published a “face unlock Moto” in Google Play. With the help of the Google company may update the services without updating the device firmware.

Facial recognition app demo uses only the front camera of the device. The app has little in common with more advanced recognition technology in the iPhone X or Galaxy S9.

Unfortunately, the app will not work on all devices. Colleagues from Phone Arena report that it was created specifically for smartphones Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus G6 Play Moto, Moto Z3, Moto Play Moto Z3 and X4. To install the “face unlock Moto” follow this link. Discuss the various methods of unlocking devices and applications for face recognition in our chat.

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