Application Gboard now supports GIF animations

تطبيق Gboard يدعم الآن الصور المتحركة GIF

Announced Google updates keyboard Gboard to add a feature to support animated image format GIF, to come to the new feature as an option for new users during the talks after support color symbols emoji “image” posters.

To be able to search for icons, animated pictures next to the emoticons and stickers are easy, and the painting itself will offer suggestions to users to send some pictures when you type specific keywords based on techniques of artificial intelligence in the phone and the system, so that users can send images animated to give an impression different from the words.

This feature will be available the English version of the app around the world, and will Google Support Other Languages in the coming period gradually.

The application of the Gboard now supports animated GIF images appeared first on the tech world.

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