Application grocery Valley knows the end and his merge with Carrefour

تطبيق بقالة وادي يعلن النهاية وخدماته تندمج مع كارفور

Announced the organizers of the application to the grocery store the valley of which provides the registration services and the delivery of prosecution for users of the application access to the finish line, but at the same time will not stop its services in full, where it will be combined with the services of the Carrefour so that users get what they want naturally across the retail chain.

Users can go to the website of Carrefour and ordering the products was similar to what was happening with the grocery store the valley, through the service of grocery e-commerce of the retail chain, which extends in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is different.

The application was grocery Valley one of the most prominent applications in the field of grocery delivery orders in the Kingdom and with the merger of the latter will capture the Carrefour advantage of the new market.

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