Application Health Mate adds dark mode and synchronize the stillness with Google Fit and Strava

I got the application Health Mate update is important and significant, and with got Android users on Dark Mode and more.

تطبيق Health Mate يضيف الوضع المظلم ومزامنة السكون مع جوجل Fit و StravaApplication HealthMate adds dark mode and synchronize the stillness with Google Fit and Strava

The company Withings, which was previously operated in the Nokia update Applied Health Mate with some heavily requested features, The Shape of these features support for the dark and synchronize stillness with Google Fit as well as integration with Strava, and anyone who doesn’t know the application Health Mate, it is the accompanying app for a wide range of tools Withing health, including an hour by the Smart Hybrid, and like most apps in this regard, it allows users to keep track of what is assessed by their devices, and evaluate statistics related to health such as sleep patterns, weight, blood pressure and heart rate.

Anyway, now with the latest version of the app, will be able to automatically detect your phone settings and adjust the interface as needed, and so can users of Google wit “Google Fit” also export the data to their sleep, the same applies to users of Strava, so that they can be linked to this account with the Health Mate can export your workout sessions, however this update has also been addressing the permissions on Android devices 10.

Finally, enjoy the addicts of physical fitness a lot of options when it comes to applications for tracking health on their phones, there tend Withings to be proactive in the implementation of new features, so it’s good to see that they do everything in their power to keep users happy, and to download updated Health Mate you should move to a page on the Google Play Store from the bottom.

Download Application Update HealthMate on Android.

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