Application launch over Pay pay over the phone in Saudi Arabia

Launched the Saudi payment network ” over ” the day was first officially applied to the state via the phone, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia name of how Pay and allows you to save all your cards, Bank and phone support in local stores and global.

As is the case with beginning any new feature there are only a few banks that support the service, and the Bank now leaders of Al-rajhi Bank and riyad Bank in addition to Bank of the island but is expected to add more banks later .

He says based on the application of over the bay

No need to take out your wallet every time you want in the payment of the value of your purchases. With the application how Pay you today and pleased to save all your cards Bank issued by banks of Saudi Arabia, both cards were over the limit direct or your credit cards within a single application facilitates you to process payment through near-field communication (NFC). All you have to do after you’ve finished shopping and you have Fund accounting is searching for a logo service how much was raised or the people of the world adopted the service remote payment and pass your smart device on a point-of-sale after the emergence of barley, and thus completed the payment process. Will not be watching any of your data with the following through the stages of payment and thus keep all of your information is saved securely and completely.

The app is available on the shop Google Play today for users of Android only and you can download it and try it now if you own a card from one of the banks mentioned by going to the link in the source.


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