Application Lumia new for free and get a nutritional plan suitable

تطبيق لومي الجديد للحمية والحصول على خطة غذائية مناسبة

تطبيق لومي الجديد للحمية والحصول على خطة غذائية مناسبة

The basis of human health is good nutrition, we all know that metabolism varies from person to person and at the same time there are factors that affect this representation significantly, for example genetic factors or lifestyle and even stress level and the nature of the work, and with the developments nowadays, there are plenty of services that offer you as a user tips and plans for healthy eating healthy.

Most recently the largest application Lumia the new, and on the web as well as on both Android and iOS, where with this application you can get to consult professionals and experts with a view to harvest and earn the diet plan and food houses, thus saving your time and effort, as the application provides a large variety of specialists in nutrition accredited in order to reach your health goals.

In respect of the possibility to use, after you download for the application, first you have to complete the registration process by filling all required fields, which helps experts and consultants to the nutrition service to develop a plan appropriate food to meet your health needs, answer on questions, short on your goal and the reason for the campaign and enter your measurements and your weight and begin the journey of communicating with the worker that you selected.

تطبيق لومي الجديد للحمية والحصول على خطة غذائية مناسبة

And the last part of the registration process is the choice of specialist nutrition favorite and communicate with him to start to choose the package appropriate plan of food and sports that you really need, which is to be paid, and here the application supports the following payment methods “all cards credit, card how, the payment in cash of the home, payment by bank transfer, the portfolio of Google or Apple”, there are displays currently available for a limited time it is when you upgrade to the bouquet of the month or the 3 months of bouquets Lumia basic, you get a month free.

Download application Lumia: Android | iOS

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