Application Messenger receives the advantage of fast scrolling to reply to a message in the Android

يتلقى تطبيق ماسنجر ميزة التمرير السريع للرد على رسالة في أندرويد

In October of last year, giving Facebook users WhatsApp on the Android platform, the possibility to reply to a message through quick scroll, this feature was previously available for users of the system other iOS, in the meantime is not talking about this feature for users of the messenger, the fact that particular service to the network, but after allowing for the previously cancelled send a message after you send it, they now offer the feature of quick scroll to reply to message as for Android users only.

Thanks to this new feature, will now be able to scroll to a message about the right to express them, just as you do in WhatsApp, with the addition of the messenger Signal the top of the reply to show you have responded to the message specific.

In the meantime, it seems that this feature has been activated by the server-side, so it will be made available to users gradually, it is not clear how much time will be chosen Facebook before posting it on a large scale, but at least you are not neglecting Android users this time, finally, in a note of lesser importance, the company recently updated the Messenger allowed users to share the story of a friend directly from the series to chat, with no option to deactivate this function.

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