Application Moto Face Unlock up to the store of Google Play

تطبيق Moto Face Unlock يصل إلى متجر قوقل بلاي

If you have a Motorola phone this year, you already have the advantage of opening the face with the Brand of Motorola in the settings, now there is a companion app in the Play Store to these phones, which is the application of Moto Face Unlock, so you’ll be able to update the app pre-installed on these phones quite easily.

In the same context there are no new features in the first release, although it corresponds to the application of Moto Face Unlock with devices like the Moto G6 and Z3 Play and Z3, used older phones like the Moto X4 a different system, apparently will unlock the face in your settings under “Security & location”, which will be the cancellation system lock is set on the camera, so will just put the framework for your face in the preview, and act the phone to look like.

Finally with this launch, which has been updated also there will be performance improvements and bug fixes, so don’t expect to be setup or a different app entirely, taking into account the can happen more fundamental changes in the future via an app update.

Download application Moto Face Unlock from here.

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