Application Multi Translate Voice – translation of texts and audio and video with support for the Arabic Language, a significant reduction!

Application Multi Translate Voice characteristic application development is indispensable for students, teachers and enthusiasts travel and Tourism and language learning, the application not only permits translation of texts and words from and into 100 languages including Arabic, but also allows the translation of sound and image recognition and translation of its immediate, now you can get it exclusively via a significant reduction, note that this offer is only available for a limited time.

Multi Translate Voice

Multi Translate Voice

The translation of the images and recognize the content by:

Or benefits guaranteed to you Multi Translate Voice You can run it and then direct the camera to any image, it will recognize it and translate it for you according to the original language to the language you want the translation to it, this facilitates and creates the ignorance in the writing.

Support more than 100 languages !

And because it is a universal application, Multi Translate Voice ensures you for you support and more than 100 world language, will not be locked into a language specific in your travels, just choose the original language and the translation to it and enjoy the translation reserve.

Many other advantages !

Without the need to open the app, the Multi Translate Voice allows you to upgrade through talks any-jQuery directly, by adding that, as well as its support for Apple’s Smart TV to become easier and simpler in use.

Multi Translate Voice

Multi Translate Voice

Not only this, other benefits professional !

Ensure you the application in addition to the above the interface is simple and easy to use, supports hardware the iPhone and iPad alike, as well as the following advantages:

  • Translation of voice and text, you can directly translate your words and your voice or in writing.
  • Direct upgrade easily.
  • Share translation through social networks.
  • Save previous translations for future reference and research.
  • Control the level of the speed of sound.
  • Support 3D Touch, devices iPhone.

Special offer on application Multi Translate Voice

Application Multi Translate Voice its original price 24.99$, but it’s currently significantly reduced and its current price of$ 2.99 only for a limited time, helping to get them before the expiry of the offer period if you are interested.


Works on iPhone and iPad-touch and iPad.

Operating system compatible: iOS 10.0.

Size devices Apple: 38.7 MB

Download :

Developer : XH Liu

Price : 24.99$ 2.99$

  Click here to download

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