Application Muviz Edge Know music imagine on the edge of your screen while playing music

Application Muviz Edge New know you music effects light imagine on the edges of the screen you immediately to play music.

تطبيق Muviz Edge يعرض موسيقى تخيلية على حافة شاشتك أثناء تشغيل الموسيقىApplication MuvizEdge know music imagine on the edge of your screen while playing music

Ready with you in the search for new applications and at the same time, where with us today one such app, and use themed Muviz Edge, which is the first application of its kind presents you music imagine-live around the edges of the screen of your Android device while listening to music from favorite music apps.

In this context, there is no need of the powers of root for each use of the app, it is supports most music player apps, such as Spotify, Apple, Music, YouTube, and Google Play Music and much more.

Also, the application needs Muviz Edge on the pack to customize a comprehensive and specially formulated to the edges of the screen, so that you can customize to suit your taste, and in this regard, the app lets you customize the colors imagined in several ways, most notably determining colors of a set of plates of the stock, or use the colors of the cover or album art, or even add custom colors to your your.

Do not expect it at that, where there are also customization tools again, for example, the option to hide the imagined on apps to fill the screen, or the option to select the application specific to the music of Imagine and, finally, the application of Muviz Edge is currently available for download for free and full on the Google Play Store, which is the system worth the trade.

Download application MuvizEdge on Android.

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